If unaware, Vancouver, British Columbia-based producer Pat Lok is in an incredible zone so far in 2014. It would appear as if those growing fatigued of waiting for the sick ass drop have become enamored with Lok's funky house vibes. Having recently hit one million plays on his Soundcloud, this year-to-date's most unlikely of rising stars drops a free edit of Adina Howard's 1995 hit "Freak Like Me" that is a booty-dropping and freeky-deeky bit of grooving goodness.

If familiar with the original's intention on taking Compton's G-Funk imperative directly to the head of the class in Top 40 radio, this is a track with a different desire. Imagine taking the impulse of that funkadelic melody and bringing it from a wake and bake to a rolling boil, and dubbing out the bassline to meet house's sometimes throbbing standard. That's what happens here, and this is one that can carry a warehouse party or oceanfront vibe fest deep into the night.