Look at your favorite rapper and all you see is the glory—the chains, the cars, the groupies, the trips overseas, the acclaim from hipster publications. Or maybe you're a dude who's more into it for the principle of the thing: you do it for the art, man. Or the culture. 

Well either way, you're in for a tough road. We advise a long, hard look in the mirror. Rapping requires a special set of skills, many of which are entirely out of your control.

This isn't intended to be shots at anyone who chose this life. Obviously, many have succeeded, even when the odds were long. But even more never made it. And even those who did may only have had a few days in the sunlight before life's banal realities set in.

Follow your passions and make money money, but remember that there are other options. Here are ten reasons you don't want that life.

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