TMZ is reporting that Chief Keef was arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia yesterday for disorderly conduct. No details about his arrest are currently available, but considering all of the other things Keef could have gotten arrested for, we'd say disorderly conduct is a fairly harmless crime.

Keef confirmed his arrest, and frustration thereafter, in a tweet sent early this morning saying, "Jus Got Out Of Dekalb County jail In Atlanta Mad As fuck," followed by a series of emoticons (because that's what gangstas do). He also posted his mugshot to Instagram and captioned it with yet another emoticon

Keef spent 60 days in a juvenile detention center earlier this year for probation violation.

Update: Now TMZ has somehow secured audio of the 911 call from the hotel:

"We have, in room 1008, a bunch of gentlemen rolling marijuana and smoking all in the room. The room is filled with smoke."

did you get a look at them?

"I got a look at one of them. There's I believe three black males, two with long dreadlock hair, and one female. I just glanced in the room, we were in there chasing down a leak in the hotel."

"I announced myself as security, and they let me in the room as if it just didn't even matter."

[via TMZ]

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