If you're unfamiliar with The Do LaB then this is your chance to crawl out from under that rock you've been living under at learn a little something. As the curators of one of the dopest stages at Coachella as well as the SoCal festy staple, Lightning in a Bottle, it's hard to miss the fusion of music, art, and experience that they serve up on a regular basis.

I'll keep this post short because the video just needed to be shared. If you could put the emotional/sensory explosion of The DoLaB at Coachella into one single video, then this would be pretty close to perfect. Of course, you can't put everything that makes The DoLaB so unique into a single video...that would be like...like...like capturing lightning...in a bottle?

Yikes. Anyway, the video was shot by Fest300, which as it turns out, is actually a really great resource for learning about some of the best festivals in the world. Definitely worth checking out.

Also, if you're interested in getting a taste of LiB but can't make it this year - check out the pre-parties by city below: