We’ve covered many people in the Detroit techno scene that have been known across many different realms of music as influences and the like, but there are many artists and tastemakers that are considered unsung heroes. Terrence Dixon - also known as the "Aphex Twin of Detroit Techno" has been a vanguard in the global electronic music scene, presenting his style of atmospheric minimal techno for the past two decades (see his latest release "Badge of Honor"); despite his low profile approach to the musical world, he has since had alliances with legends such as Juan Atkins, Robert Hood and Jeff Mills.

On Saturday, he posted a quick Facebook update stating the bare (and shocking) facts:

If you want to see one of his last appearances -- and to even tell him “thank you” personally -- he will be performing at the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, May 24-26.

We salute you, Mr. Dixon, for providing us new ways of pushing music forward, and wish you well on your next endeavors.