Earlier this month, Mobb Deep released their new album The Infamous Mobb Deep, their first full-length project in eight years. The album comes 19 years after the Queensbridge duo dropped their seminal release The Infamous in 1995. 20 years if you include when the project was actually recorded. 

Prodigy and Havoc recently sat down with Complex TV to talk about the legacy of The Infamous, which in turn was a mark of inspiration for their latest album. "For us to get back in the studio and make this new album, it was just like another day for us," Prodigy says. "We were just happy about it, excited." While many things have changed in the last 20 years, Havoc shares one factor that has remained the same. "I definitely look toward my friends as inspiration still," he says. "I'm close to the streets still. A lot of my friends are there. That's where we come from, so you can't forget that." The duo also talk about gaining wisdom early in their career from executives like Steve RifkindRich Isaacson, and the late Chris Lighty.

Mobb Deep's The Infamous Mobb Deep is available on iTunes. Guests on the project include Nas, Busta Rhymes, Bun B, French Montana, and more.

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