Last night in New York City, M.I.A. performed at a private event at SIR Stage37 for the launch of the new Audi A3. The highlight of the show came at the end when she performed "Bad Girls" with a hologram of Janelle Monáe who added her own verse. Meanwhile, at Quixote Studios in Los Angeles, Monáe performed her own set which closed with hologram of M.I.A. who also added her own verse to Monáe's "Q.U.E.E.N."

The hologram was made possible by what's known as "integrated 3D projection mapping technology." M.I.A. and Janelle actually filmed scenes together which were then projected onto the stage during their sets. However, the holograms weren't meant to look realistic; at times, Janelle's hologram zoomed across the stage like Super Sonic. Still, M.I.A. was excited to use the new technology.

I’m trying to make a video that reflects the title of the song. So nobody wants to help me fund it. - M.I.A.

"Audi wanted to do something different for the show," said M.I.A., while getting her hair and makeup done before the show. "They wanted to sort of push that technology to the next level after the 2Pac hologram, so Janelle and I are really proud that we’re the first living artists and females to have holograms." 

She went on admit that an artist of her caliber needed companies like Audi to make experimenting with technology possible because of the cost. (Shoutout to Audi for providing truffle tater tots!) 

"If something is damaged it’s really expensive to replace it," she said. "If you break it, then it’s not like you can buy another one in that city."

Money remains an issue for M.I.A. who also told us she's gearing up to direct a music video for her song "Double Bubble Trouble." 

"I’m trying to make a video that reflects the title of the song," she said. "So nobody wants to help me fund it. There’s no glam, no makeup artist, no budget. I’m having to like use a couple of stuffed animals to put my makeup on."

But she still seemed in good spirits about the new video. 

"Oh yeah, there'll be a iPhone," she said, laughing.

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