Today's Internets are a different place and you can't trust everything you see and or read. If you were looking for or thought you already found Bro Safari's 2014 Ultra mix, you might be mistaken. Earlier today the Animal House leader uploaded his full hour set with MC Sharpness to SoundCloud for free download and cleared up a confused situation:


I’m happy to finally give you my entire live set from this years Ultra Music Festival! I know it took a while to get this online, but it’s better late than never.

There was a good deal of confusion over this mix. People were uploading my Ultra mix from 2013 and tagging it as 2014… There was a 30 minute section of this mix uploaded to some channels… Basically, I’m letting you know that this is the full, real-deal mix from this years Ultra, and I hope that you enjoy it!

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Nick / Bro Safari"

So now you know the deal and can get the goods belowm in its full glory. MC Sharpness is hosting, and Bro Safari dropped a bunch of slammers. Now all we need is that slick tracklist, but we'll have this on repeat no matter what.