Music for me has always been about soundtracking a moment. Maybe it's that specific moment in time or another, future, possibly imaginary moment. 2birds' new four-track EP, elephant windtunnel, could possibly be used for soundtracking a lo-fi tale in the deepest southern swamps of hip-hop's murkiest waters through electronic beat land. Each track is distinctly different, and each one is a doozy. There's a rustic down home blues-y feel to each of these tracks with it's found-sound sample aesthetic. Opener "Bannaners" sets the stage by putting us in a trance with a glitching and slithering snake of a trap number and follows it up with a somber but warm "cat scratch sunset." There's something about this track that's just heavy and moody that it's wistful to the point we're wondering what's really behind this EP - it's powerful. Title track "elephant windtunnel" turns up the blues even more as a chilling sax leads the way over a bed of deliberate and popping percussion before final track "Yes" does it again with it's own special arpeggiated video game flavor. This whole EP though is just warm like an old record and we're loving it. The EP comes via RARE NNUDES and is available at a name-your-own price cost.