While most of the crew is down in Austin hanging out with cool people, I've been talking to cool people on the Internet. I'm obviously having the better time. Right? No? Whatever, my mom thinks I'm cool.

One of the cool conversations I had online was with Ultrademon aka Mr Albert Redwine, a Chicago based producer who has been at the core of the Seapunk aesthetic movement. You can read all about it in this New York Times article featuring a pic of Albert Redwine as the main photo. I feel like, for quite a few people, the association with Seapunk has made them take a pass on Ultrademon, which is unfortunate because they are missing out on so much great music. Ultrademon has a level of talent where, even if Seapunk never existed, you would be eventually hearing about him. What has always come out in his work is the fact that the man is a musical omnivore. There is no question he listens to a wide variety of music because otherwise he wouldn't be able to make the unique type of bass music that he puts out. On top of all that he is one of the founders of the Coral Records label and Mainframe clothing line with partner Zombelle (Shan Beaste). Basically he's done enough shit that I've just written the longest paragraph since I started writing for DAD.

Anyway, he sent me this track with fellow Chicagoan up and coming bass music master Seablaze. In it you'll find the Japanese vocals of the Miku Hatsune vocaloid mixed with footwork beats and frenetic video game sounding music. It's a rush of a song that seems way shorter than it's actual length. Time flies when you're having fun. If you like interesting music, you'll like this.

Catch Ultrademon at SXSW in Austin tonight on the RWD.fm Boat Party and follow his Twitter to keep posted about surprise appearances during the festival.