Every year, music acts and music fans from all over the world head to Texas, and look to the yearly SXSW music festival to bolster their careers and expose their talents to new audiences. And every year, like clockwork, there's always an elite group of artists who take the stage in Austin, and turn it up past ten. And every single time, those acts become the buzz of the town, packing shows and becoming virtually impossible to see by the festival's end. They push their careers to the next level, and start their path towards familiarity with the rest of world.

From the glitch-and-bass DJ who doesn't give a fuck to a physics grad from Brown who probably speaks better patois than anyone you know, the top shelf of this year's SXSW acts are as wildly different as they are incredibly talented. And they're all on the verge of blowing up. These are the singers, DJs, and producers who are gonna pop off in Austin this year, who you simply can't afford to miss. These are The 5 Acts You Need to See at SXSW 2014.

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