While I'm editor-in-chief at DAD, I'm also a real-life father, and I was there for the birth of my son; when I saw this news hit the wire, I smiled and totally understood. I also felt weird for not doing the math and realizing that Gina Turner could be going into labor around Miami Music Week time. Early this morning, Gina Turner tweeted that her water has broken and she was on her way to the hospital. You should remember that she opened up to us about being pregnant and still being active in the public eye earlier this year. Her husband, Laidback Luke, was in Miami when he got the news, and like any almost-father, dropped everything to be at his woman's side. Sadly, that means no kung fu on the beach. But it DOES mean that we have another addition to the EDM family. Our best wishes go out to Laidback Luke and Gina Turner, and their forthcoming release.

For those of you who want to hear Gina and Luke spin together, listen to their back-to-back set, which was recorded during HOLY SHIP!!!:

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