Biggie karaoke is all the rage these days, huh? But when Rick Ross tried to serve us Notorious Realness with "Nobody," at least he had a Diddy co-sign. The latest in a potential trend of Life After Death remakes is an Irv Gotti-helmed re-up of "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" flipped by Iggy Azalea and Keyshia Cole. You can check out a snippet in the IG vid above.

Can we all just let out a collective sigh and ask, "Why?"

The song is for the soundtrack of upcoming romcom The Other Woman, starring Nicki Minaj and Cameron Diaz, but WHY? Why does a romcom soundtrack need a Biggie remake? Listen, I am all for a female rapper making music for a movie starring another female rapper, but does Irv know how many childhoods he just ruined by taking our shiny suited nostalgia and just tossing it into the air like so many orphaned balloons?

I am sure the dream of the ’90s is alive in Irv Gotti—and Iggy has ’90s dress-up in a chokehold—but he's doing too much here.

Any predictions for who tackles a B.I.G. cut next? A$AP Mob does "Notorious Thugs?" A gender-fair version of "Another" by Nicki and Drake? The world is our oyster—that's been spoiled by sitting out too long.

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