With the release of his new album Honest being a month away, Future stops by the Angie Martinez show for a new interview.

Future sits down with Angie to talk about the new album, and it's anticipated single "I Won" which features Kanye West and has a Hype Williams directed video. Future says that the video has great video vixens and describes it as being in the vein of old Hype Williams directed videos from the past.

Future also opens up about his relationship with Ciara, who is pregnant with their first child together. Future also comments on his involvement with Beyonce's hit song "Drunk In Love."

Future has not only released a remix to "Drunk," but also another song called "Good Morning" which shares a huge amount in common with Beyonce's chart-topping single, saying that the release of "Drunk" was perfect timing for Bey, stating that his album's release in November would have hindered her from releasing her version of the song. Honest drops April 22. 


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