Disclosure's "F For You" was an early favorite for this writer, for obvious reasons: it was one of the catchiest cuts from Settle without being too cheeseball - hell, this was so deep and so late-night hype that I had no problem keeping it on repeat. When Mary J. Blige hopped on it, I was definitely into it, conceptually. She has the powerful vocals to give me '90s diva house flashbacks, and she worked that role to a "T." Hearing Eats Everything give this cut a new look via his even-deeper remix was a brilliant look. He barely lets Mary get a whole phrase in; aside from "for your love," it's mostly just wails and chopped lines, making it sound like Mary just came in and started scatting over his imaginative take. It feels almost dub-influenced, with the echoes and the way he plays with different elements of the tune. Word is PMR is dropping this one in March, so you need to make sure you're ready to receive it when it drops.