Last month, Timbaland participated in a Hang With live-chat with fans and revealed he will be producing on Jodeci's upcoming album. He'll be pairing up with founding Jodeci member DeVante Swing, who gave Timbaland his first shot in the music business by adding him to Swing Mob, a musical collective that also included Ginuwine and Missy Elliott. Timbaland describes his upcoming work with Jodeci as his career "coming in full circle." He starts talking about it at the 3:20 mark in the video above. 

"By the way, people who follow Timbaland from day one, I met with DeVante and I’mma help work on the new Jodeci album. Just for ya'll to know. I ain’t really supposed to say that, but I will be working on the new Jodeci album. And, that will be my career coming in full circle, connecting back with DeVante."

Jodeci's last album, The Show, the After Party, the Hotel, was released in 1995.

[via HHNM]

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