STYLSS is becoming a brand that is undeniable. They've run through a baker's dozen of ridiculous free compilations in a year's time, they've all been absolutely nuts, and catered to a different kind of audience. This is deep, dark, intelligent music that's built for and by people that shrug at normality.  The curation has been masterful, and no shortcuts were taken.

We've given credit to this imprint repeatedly for their diligent work, phenomenal ear, and consistency. These are packaged perfectly every time, and always sound incredible. The fact that they sell these on cassette tape is pretty fucking cool, too. You can download this 24-track package for free if you wish, but pay attention to the fine print:

"All proceeds and donations made for any of the 13 Suicide Pact releases for the rest of February will be donated to a suicide prevention charity."

I remembered STYLSS hit me up about this, but his message got buried in hundreds of emails (I'm trying I swear).  Going back to check and see if I missed any details revealed the saddest information ever.  He says this will be the last "SUICIDE PACT" release ever.  Go back through the catalog, spend a few dollars if you can, and share this one around.  It's a sad day for the sad boys.