Now this story is frightening, considering how often DJs (and performers in general) stage dive. TMZ is reporting that a fan by the name of Jennifer Fraissl filed a lawsuit against Skrillex, saying that his stage dive during a February 2012 show ultimately caused her to have a stroke:

"Fraissl says she was standing near the front when Skrillex beckoned the crowd forward -- making it impossible for her to leave or even protect herself -- and that's when Skrillex jumped from his table ... several feet above the stage.

Fraissl says she suffered several injuries when the DJ landed on her, and later suffered a stroke as a result of the trauma."

It looks like the venue that booked Skrillex, Belasco, is being sued as well; Fraissl is asking for coverage of her medical expenses, loss of income, "and more," although the amount being asked for is unspecified. TMZ even found video of Skrillex stagediving from that night (apparently), but there's no word if this is the stage dive that Fraissl is suing over.