Pretty stoked to have this to premiere top from 50 under 5000 alum Skinny Friedman.  This huge rap tune from Que that's been big in the clubs for months has seen a number of remixes coming out steadily.  It's never gotten the "Butt Music" flip, though, and we're definitely thankful Skinny came through and added his touch.  If you didn't already know, his Trap Rave series essentially started the trend of midtempo flips of rap tunes.  Some of these from the series still get a steady rinse from me on DJ nights because of how well they work in the club.  This flip of "OG Bobby Johnson" is no different with it's trap/twerk/bounce blends of sound that's built on the hook that will be sure to get chants from the folks going nuts on the dancefloor.  Basically, here's your free DJ weapon of the day and you're welcome.