Sometimes the right thing happens at the right time. I just happened to spot this track while perusing SoundCloud and what do you know? The first lady, and cause we like wordplay in these EDMs, I mean no one ever did this shit before first lady. Anyway, SC was just hit with a download for a song that sounds a lot like YOLO, but isn't.

MIA is undoubtably a gangster, like an OG. And doth my eyes deceive me? Is this a free download? Don't mind if I do.

I have replayed this track numerous times already, reminiscing on the first time I heard the clanks of guns cocking, the claps of trap, and the so wonderfully distinct voice of EDM royalty. Bro Safari and Valentino Khan's collaborative mixing on "YALA" makes for scintillating sounds the likeness of fireworks. Like the kind Gandalf did at Bilbo's 111th birthday party.

This is a slam dunk track. Swoosh.