You might not know the name Tarrey Torae, but you probably know her voice. She sang on a number of cuts from The College Dropout, including "Family Business" (that's her singing "They don't mean a thang" towards the end). But she did more than just sing on that song, she actually helped write Kanye write it.

"Kanye was like, 'I need this to be about real-life family,'" recalled Tarrey. "I’m the oldest of 48 grandkids on my mom’s side and I'm in the middle of 36 grandkids on my father’s side. So when he said, 'I need material.' I was like, 'I got plenty of material.'" Tarrey went on to tell Kanye about taking baths with her cousins, sleeping six in a bed, and her auntie who was known for her bad cooking. In fact, at the end when Kanye says "Let's get Stevie out of jail," he's actually referring to Tarrey's godbrother.