We've got that Miami sound machine (no Gloria Estefan) popping this morning via AshRock's "305" remix of Jubilee's "I-95." Her original was already spiced with that Miami bass vibe, but there's something about the way AshRock approached this that we think will have people standing on top of cars, going all kinds of dumb. The bass in this one is going to rattle your speakers - loads of 808 BOOM thrown in for good measure. If you're holding up the wall to this, you're doing it all kinds of wrong. Bounce to this one (on repeat) and do two things: 1) grab Jubilee's "Pull Ova" single, which is out now on Mixpak and 2) look back over our chat with her. THEN PUT SOME BOOOOM IN IT! Shouts to Mixpak for sorting this one out.