In a really candid look, first into the backstage of a GRiZ show directly before he is about to encore as the audience is screaming one more song, just begging for him to reemerge for the encore, a rite that has become as expected as the set itself these days but still holds excitement and energy unparalleled.

The audio is raw and honest as is this music video for a new track entitled "Need This," and a video that memorializes the recent Rebel Era Tour which blew apart venues all over. There are some vocal inserts, talking about the crazy and real times they had on this tour. It also marks the release of what is deemed to be a b-side to the epic album that came out last year. Also marked in this new track release and a pretty cool video on YouTube is the announcement of a Spring 2014 tour.

Much to audience's delight, this is more than a simple encore.

The track is glitch-y and funky and goodness as per usual from this melodic artist out of Detroit.

B-Side as a concept has always held some weight in the artistic world. It feels good to listen to the lesser know, unreleased other side of an album whose first half might be over-saturated. Especially in today's market where nothing sounds the same. This track has a guitarist shredding it and tells a story in the video. It reaches out to fans that attended all these shows. It represents the music as life and is super artistic in so many ways. Pretty awe-inspiring and just really all about the music.

It isn't pretentious though. It has a sense of humor, and what I like most about it, is how real it is. Funny and fun, a high energy after movie about the A-Side of this spinning record. I look forward to the innovation and connective energy that is GRiZ to come back around. On to B.