I'm honestly starting to think discovery is my absolute favorite part of this job.  Having something that I've never heard of, and truthfully neither has the rest of the world for that matter, land in my inbox and essentially blow my mind is a feeling second to none.  Enter Clostri, a producer with under 240 likes and followers collectively, who has an absolutely insane Servant EP dropping March 10 via Black Bakery (although it is currently available on Beatport right now).  The label has been kind enough to toss us this non-EP exclusive freebie today titled "Keep Coming" and this shit is just completely WOW to me.  Smooth, bouncy, sexy deep house that's a little off.  And what I mean by off...it's different in all the right ways.  There's some garage vibes in here.  Some deep vocal looped vibes.  Some heady tech house vibes too.  They all come together to create something truly amazing.  Something I'm incredibly excited to share with you today for most likely the first time ever.