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Yesterday, This Song Is Sick released a Teddy Killerz minimix, a notion that your head may spin a complete 360 degree angle or simply explode after these guys are done with you. Machine Drum: Level One picks up with the Pink Floyd song left off. The haunting image of my childhood Teddy Bear always returns to me as I listen to Teddy Killerz, and I can see him seeking some kind of revenge because my forgetful little self left him on the side of the road or something. Honestly, I forget what happened to Teddy.

I hope he didn't turn into one of the Teddy Killerz on the cover of their last EP. Although there is something cuddly and soft about the terror of their art. I'm so easily tantalized into the depths of their dark bass music, and as you fall into the psychosis of their sound, it all seems perfectly normal, comforting even. You know after thought, I sort of hope my beloved Teddy ended up becoming one of these badass bears.

The Teddy Killerz have made quite an impact on this scene, blurring genre lines with their music, only remaining loyal to bass music. Their Machine Room: Level One EP represents that ethos perfectly, bringing a return to their drum & bass form that's perfectly described in "Z." With "Z," Teddy Killerz aptly describe it is the dirt and dinge that gets into your clothes and under your skin, deep into the darkness that is this all night warehouse party. It will follow you around until you wash it off in the shower. You'll survive just fine with this track pounding through your skin.

As with their last EP, the various tracks have different sounds. I still haven't fully learned the meaning of neuro-hop or neuro-glitch, but I like those signifiers because they are immediate reminders of how awesomely this music messes with your brain. To fuck with you a little more, they have made each level of this EP to represent different parts of their versatile sound. The collection in its entirety will certainly be mind-blowing.

Give "Z" a listen until the rest of Machine Room: Level One is officially released on January 20, via Bad Taste. Welcome to the machine.