I pride myself on being just another member of the crowd, and an artist in my own rite. I take the concept, the duty of my title as an anonymous superhero very seriously. I like to see myself as a thread that will tie together connectivity of music, and strengthen its powers of salvation. Ultimately, hoping to rid the world of evil and hatred with the...

As I am saying this, or writing rather, the preview of this EP ends and my SoundCloud automatically jumps to a live set from this Brazilian duo. These dudes popped up in my inbox, and I liked their sound. I was going to write up their EP, partly due to consistently being dumbfounded at how artists from all over the world are such cohesive music from so many parts of this planet. Never not surprised when what I hear sounds just like it could be from my own neighborhood, even though I am starting to understand there is something much greater at work here.

As I am experiencing these things with my first few listens to the duo made up of Disco Killah and Baseball Bat, a live set from these twerk music artists begins to play. As a turn of what I know is not coincidence, "Jiggy" by Victor Niglio is the first song in their set. Victor's music is literally from my neighborhood. We aren't just both Philadelphians, we are homies.

From the streets of Philadelphia to Sao Paulo, the soundcloud tags are the same, not even the actual verbage differs from ours. The universal language that we all speak, that speaks to all of us, is music. And Sugar Crush proves themselves to be no joke. They're like a Brazilian Oddzilla, a salt and pepper combination that makes up the perfect flavor additive. In my role as a superhero, it is my civic duty to be a proponent with regard to diversity. Especially when it comes in the form of big room x hip hop that makes booty bouncing twerk music with a Latin feel.

Listen, and my job at least for today is done. A day in the life of this anonymous superhero, making this gigantic world a little smaller and connecting us all to the music that breeds all that is good and peaceful. I can only hope my efforts are not in vein. It isn't easy to convince people that the road to salvation is paved with jiggling asses, rap lyrics, r&b vocals, and dirty ass bass.