I'm not going to spend tonight talking about drum & bass being back/never having left; I'll leave that for other sites to thinkpiece out. You lot want music, right? And if you claim to know drum & bass, you obviously know what Matrix & Futurebound do, right? Remember that American Beauty bootleg? Or their legacies prior to ever linking up and smashing the main rooms of drum & bass raves? Of course you do. Whomever had the brilliant idea to get Matrix and Futurebound to knock out an anthemic, halftime dnb remix of "Cannonball (Earthquake)" deserves a raise. This is one of those bits that will definitely have the sets of your favorite upfront drum & bass DJs scorching come Miami Music Week time. Might even convert a few of you naysayers. No word on release date for this one at press time; all we're hearing is "details forthcoming." Keep it locked!