Yesterday, Russell Simmons participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit and was asked how he felt about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis winning the Grammy award for Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar. Simmons chose his words carefully, praising both artists for their contributions to hip-hop, but also sharing his genuine opinion on the matter. "Kendrick is absolutely a better rapper, and Macklemore had one of the most inspiring, socially conscious songs of the year and that is what did well for him," Simmons said. "[Macklemore's] a great rapper, but there is no evidence anywhere that he's a better artist than Lamar." 

Later on in the AMA, Simmons gave a similar response when asked about Best Rap Album award. "Kendrick is the better rapper no doubt but Macklemore had the power of an important social message," he said. The "important social message" Simmons says Macklemore brought to light is likely a reference to the Seattle rappers song "Same Love," which deals with the issue of inequality for same sex relationships. The record was performed during the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, which included special appearances from Madonna and Queen Latifah, the latter officiating 33 marriages during the performance.

[via Reddit]

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