We know TEKLIFE for DJs like Spinn, Rashad, Manny, Earl, and others, but they are officially adding to the roster, and the additional parts of this collective are ferocious.  One of these is Chicago's MoonDoctoR, who has spent the few years feeling his way around every bass genre imaginable.  His work in moombahton and trap has been marvelous, and most of it has been downloadable.  But his footwork game is nuts, and he's produced a new offering for the holidays.

This is more on the soulful side, wrapping melody around familiar samples and skillfully placing drums instead of using aggressive sounds to beat you over the head.  This is an absolutely masterful release, and one that you should really enjoy with the rest of your life on halt if you can.  All of these songs were renders from a hard drive that crashed, and he decided to give it up as a free download… a post-holiday gift from TEKLIFE for the win.

MoonDoctoR and his wife FreshtillDef are also planning on releasing a stack of work through their FreshMoon imprint this year as well, and we'll keep you up to date as these projects develop.  You can also keep up to date with everything Teklife and check their roster via their website.  Our sincere appreciation to MoonDoctoR for blessing us with this treat.