MC Serch will be taking his talents to the couch next week as his daytime talk show Serch is set to debut on Monday, January 6. It will be given a four-week trial run by CBS, who picked up the show last September, and will air in select markets including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washinton, D.C. among others. According to MC Serch, the daytime show will be the perfect balance to that of Maury and Dr. Phil. "There's this giant chasm in the middle for somebody who can just talk to people about themselves on their own level," he told Rap Is Outta Control last November. The opening credits for Serch, which can be viewed below, tell a similar story.

MC Serch is no stranger to television. In 2007 he hosted ego trip's The (White) Rapper Show and followed that up by handling hosting duties for ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme in 2008. Before then Serch made his mark in the music business through various ventures over the years. From founding the influential rap group 3rd Bass in the '80s to discovering Nas in the '90s, he's navigated the industry successfully and on his own terms. 

The first episode of Serch is titled "Teens on the Edge." A four-minute preview of the episode initially went up on CBS before being taken down. The image below shows what is likely a quote from the episode, as well as the kid Serch is trying to help. Even if you're not necessarily a rap fan, this show should be interesting to watch come Monday.

UPDATE 1/3/2014 5:10pm: The premiere episode has been changed to "Need a Parent, Not a Player," where Serch will talk to two couples that are having a tough time seeing eye to eye in their respective relationships. Episodes to follow include "Extreme Sister Battles," "Bitter Break Ups," "Nasty Family Fights," and "Love Secrets Revealed."

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