Macklemore thinkpieces. You know these were coming. We knew these were coming. (Shoot, we even wrote two—before the awards and after—ourselves.) Even political reporter Dave Weigel knew they were coming.

Thinkpiece writers, you have found your salvation. He is Macklemore.

— daveweigel (@daveweigel) January 27, 2014

If you were too busy parsing through your own thoughts, arguing with your co-workers and friends, or just didn't have the wherewithal to sift through all the thinkpieces yourself, don't worry. We've rounded up ten crucial pieces that will help you contextualize your thoughts, give you ammo for your next argument, or just make feel like someone else out there gets you. And for you book nerds out there, we found one that parodies Edgar Allen Poe's iconic short story "The Raven."

Before The Grammys

"What Does Macklemore and Kendrick Lamar's Face Off Say About The Grammys?" by Craig Jenkins for The FADER

"Lies Grammy Told Us" by Steven Hyden for Grantland

"Why Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Should Win Album of the Year" by kris ex for Myspace

After The Grammys


"Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Sweep Rap Categories: Are The Grammys Racist" by Erin Burnett for CNN's Out Front blog

"The Grammys Aren't Racist, They Just Don't Know Much About Hip-Hop" by Ryan Bassil for Noisey UK

Macklemore's Real Problem With Black People by Damon Young for Very Smart Brothas 


"13 Thoughts About Macklemore Winning Over Kendrick Lamar At The Grammy Awards" by John Kennedy for VIBE Magazine

"Don't Hate Macklemore Because He's White" by Jack Hamilton for Slate

"Hip-Hop at the Grammys: Macklemore Wins, Kendrick Lamar and the Rest of Rap Music Loses" by Brandon Soderberg for SPIN Magazine


"The Craven" by Leon Chang for Blunderbuss Magazine