For some reason, this release was ridiculously astounding to me. I am still shaking my head in disbelief as I hit play on this track for the third time. There is something completely bizarre about remixing a track as concretely definitive of the hardstyle genre as this. Hardstyle seems to be one of the genres able to maintain a sacred stature where many others, mainly trap, have seemed to meet their demise. Yellow Claw is one of the trap artists still in the game, running it the right way, probably one of the best in their genre to say the least. Headhunterz is arguably of the same caliber to hardstyle when analogized to Yellow Claw and trap music.

This remix is just the best of all worlds, this fusion of omniscient powers charging at their full capacity. An explosion, and what is left is this mushroom cloud of trippy, glitchy smoke, settling in slow motion. I never could have imagined what hardstyle would sound like inside the trap. This experiment could have gone very wrong, and I am not quite sure how a mushroom cloud means the opposite happened.

All I know is that it did. This remix is all right.