Would there be a footwork or juke scene like there is today without Chicago's "ghetto house" scene? Probably not. Most people recognize the sound from Cajmere's "Percolator," but the ghetto house sound was thriving in Chicago from the late 1980s, and Gant-Man recently went in the mix, throwing down a history of ghetto house set that takes you from those late 1980s jams through the mid-1990s. Legends like DJ Funk, DJ Deeon, Thomas Bangalter, Jammin Gerald, and Gant-Man himself are represented. It can get funky, and it can get nasty, but that's how a proper house jam should be.


Invasion - Robert Armani
Beat That Bitch With A Stick - K. Hand
Beat That Bitch With A Bat - Johnny Dangerous
Kick That Bitch - DJ Funk
Roule Boule - Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk)
Nice-N-Fast - PJ (Paul Johnson)
House-O-Matic - DJ Deeon
Ain't It Funky - DJ Funk
Booty Call - Paul Johnson
Yo Mouf (Original) - DJ Deeon
Suk The Dik - DJ Milton
Scoreboard (aka Work That Shit) - Robert Armani
Atraxion (Monotonous Mix) - Gant-Man
Pump That Shit - Jammin Gerald
3 Blind Mice - Gant-Man
Move It - Jammin Gerald
Hard Drive - Ricky Smith
Traxmen & Eric Martin - Ride Me Baby (Erky Jerky Mix)
Eric Martin & Robert Armani - Fire Alarm
2 Much Booty (In The Pants) (Boom Shaka Mix) - Soundmaster T
Fly Trap - Da Wiz
Time To Overload (Rx 1990) - Paul Johnson
Knock Knock - DJ Funk
My Medusa - K. Alexi Shelby
I Feel Good - PJ (Paul Johnson)
Acid Warp - Houz Mon
Phreak - DBX
Doggie Style 92 - DJ Deeon
Work That Mutha Fucker - Steve Poindexter