Mixtape: FatBoy Fresh
Producer: The Elements

Has there EVER been a bigger disparity between how a rapper sounds and looks than with Fred The Godson? He's blessed with the voice and confidence of a panty-dampening heartthrob who's overflowing with sexual currency, yet "waterbed Fred" looks like...well, we'll let Jack Thriller tell it.

In any other form of entertainment such a paradox would be a problem. Yet rap music is the rare profession where people who were born looking beta can thrive as alpha personalities, and so Fred slots into the same New York lineage of unlikely-sex-symbols-with-bars as Chubb RockGrand Puba, the Notorious B.I.G., and Big Pun. His latest single "Quarter Past Three" dropped Monday, and it's the sort of breezy Rap & Bullshit jam Fabolous would sell his soul for in 2014. It deserves nothing less than Hot 97 omnipresence for the next three months, and a video where Fred frolics in the snow with Angelica Charrupi on the windswept summit of Mount Blanc from 3:15 pm to 3:15 am.

Fred's new mixtape FatBoy Fresh will be out soon.

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