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If unaware, Los Angeles-based jack-of-all-trades producer ETC!ETC! has probably spent more hours on the road than he's spent at home in the past 18 months. His recent spate of new material certainly reflects his road warrior status. Recently, he's been dredging the pop hits of EDM (actually, make that all genres) in the 808s, claps and hi-hats familiar to the sounds of trap's journey into the neon heart of EDM-at-present. With trance superstars Above & Beyond on the cusp of releasing what is ostensibly an acoustic album of their greatest hits, he grabs "Sun and Moon" - arguably their best recognized hit - and takes it from the realm of throwing two hands up in the air, two wearing two chains and getting plurnt. ETC!ETC! says regarding his remixed released to celebrate hitting 100,000 likes on Facebook, "I'm sorry baby." Somehow, we don't think he is. Turn down for what?