Luther Campbell, the Miami music legend famed for popularizing Bass music and battling the Supreme Court with 2 Live Crew, hosted an Art Basel edition of Miami party Peachfuzz last night. In an interview, he told he plans to relaunch Luke Records, the label which put booty music on the map in the ’80s and ’90s, and is also considering a second run for Miami mayor.

“We still do have a sound here, it’s like a combination of house and techno and bass it’s just not even accepted on mainstream radio on Miami,” Luke said. “Mainstream radio only wants to play that ‘Hollywood’ music. We want to give these new guys a chance, so people can get a good understanding of what Miami music is all about.”

Campbell founded the label in 1985 as Luke Skyywalker Records. A lawsuit brought by Star Wars creator George Lucas forced him to shorten the name to Luke in the ’90s. The label pioneered the Miami Bass movement and released the first showings from Pitbull and Trick Daddy, as well as H-Town’s slow jam classic “Knockin’ Da Boots.” While Luke Records continues to sell back catalog, Campbell says it has grown inactive in recent years as he has concentrated on other businesses, including the just-launched Uncle Luke Rum.

Despite his status as one of the city’s most recognizable cultural icons, Luke says last night’s Peachfuzz party was his first time participating in Art Basel. “This is the only event I’ve been asked to host and this is the only event that I’ve been invited to,” Luke said. “It’s sad. There’s two people who really brought art in Miami to life. Me and [Bulgaria-born artist Christo] who painted around the islands."

Campbell, who staged a run for mayor of Miami in 2011, said he is considering another campaign for the seat in two years. “I’m thinking about it two years from now. [The office] comes up in two years,” Luke said. “Right now I’m the kingmaker. That’s what they call me. People I endorse normally win.”

Is there a possibility of a joint ticket with Luke’s former musical protégé, the self-anointed 305 Mayor, Trick Daddy? “I think Trick likes being Trick,” Campbell said. “I don’t know how much he likes politics. I got him to endorse a candidate and people were so amazed that the candidate got a Trick Daddy endorsement."

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