Sometimes, you don't realize how much of an impact someone has had on your life until it's too late. In the case of the EDM community, one thing we've seen while pouring over the tweets regarding the death of Paul Baümer from the Dutch duo Bingo Players was how much of an inspiration their music was to many of today's producers. Everyone from dOpe Tendencies to Victor Niglio seemed to speak on how the music of the Bingo Players had an affect on the EDM scene of today, which makes sense. While Maarten and Paul had been creating banging electro house since 2006, it was really around 2010/2011 where their sound truly started to take off, and tracks like their single "Get Up (Rattle)" hitting sitting atop the UK charts for two weeks in a row, becoming a worldwide top ten smash. This is prior to their singles "Cry (Just A Little)," "L'amour," and others making huge impacts on the scene.

It's rough to look back and realize that 2013, the year that not only saw the EDM scene rise in America, but saw the Bingo Players making huge strides in their schedule, ends up being a year that Paul didn't get to fully embrace in. With him effectively being on the sidelines since July, he's not been able to hit their huge shows. He had bigger things to overcome, though, and while he ultimately lost the battle with cancer (#fuckcancer), Paul's spirit and music live on. Up above, we've collected tweets from people in the EDM community who have been saddened by this loss, and down below we're sharing some tweets from DAD readers that shared their favorite Bingo Players tracks. Keep the family and friends of Paul Baümer and Maarten in your prayers. This won't be easy, but know that the Bingo Players will forever be plural.

EDIT Visionaire has done four piano-renditions of Bingo Players tracks and given them away as a "Tribute to Paul Bäumer."