R. Kelly has delivered some pretty bizarre and likewise entertaining lyrics over the course of a dozen solo albums, a number of compilation projects, and countless guest verses throughout his career. Thanks to Slate, we now have an extensive catalog of his best sexual metaphors. They're categorized by person, place, and thing, because why not? Some of his lyrical highlights are listed below, though all are worthy for your next Twitter or Facebook status. R. Kelly's album Black Panties will be released December 10.

“I’m like a anaconda in your garden/Baby girl I’m exploring” (“Gorilla G-Mix”)

Black Hole
“I'm about to twinkle it and touch your soul/Once I enter into your black hole” (“Sex Planet”)

A Grave
“Bury myself all in you/As if you were my grave” (“Whole Lotta Kisses”)

“Strip club is our playground, she playing on her monkey bar” (“Throwing My Money”)

“Her ass got a voice and she sing a capella/I can be the music pumping in the background” (“Parachute”)

[via Slate]

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