As more time goes by and as the years start to stack on their vast experience with bass and club music, Top Billin is a constant in this crazy EDM world. Their consistency with the quality of all their releases is truly striking as they fire release after release out on what seems like a weekly basis and have for years.  Following up on last year's successful Volume I, this camp has put together a top notch follow up for Volume II of their Bass+Bonez series.  Again, they use this compilation as an outlet to feature futuristic beats and soundscapes accompanied by a lot of bass.  Basically they view this compilation as "a good look into the current state of European bass music."

You should already know by now that Top Billin is just a couple years shy of being 10 years in the label game and have other imprints like Nightrunners and My Techno Ways A Ton on the come up. And you should also already know this release is laced with top shelf tunes. Right from the jump, and also EXCLUSIVELY available now as a free download for DAD, is the lead track from Punk Trouble, "Brooklyn." It's stark ambience with lush pianos layered in pulsating bass is pretty breathtaking. Michna's "April Fools" is on some airy and seductive trap bliss. Malcolm Disaster's contribution is another highlight that feels like future bass and grime can coexist with exceptional results. Music For Your Plants tosses in some sort of concoction that I can't really even properly classify.  It's just playful, melodic and has to be influenced by Squarepusher.  The old school drum & bass feels from Ghost Lakes' "Polska" are extravagant as well.

Basically, you should be getting the idea here.  This one is on some different ish and has a lot of interesting sounds to offer. Best place to show your support too is to jump over to their Bandcamp for a friendly discount.  This camp just continually grinds for the sake of good music and you have to love to them for continuing to push that as their motto.