Alternative Trap, the excellent mixtape Chicago rapper Lucki Eck$ released this summer, is a dense, thoughtful project perfectly suited for wandering abandoned streets late at night. The woozy, drifting beats, Lucki's mumbled, reflective rhymes—these elements make everything in the songs feel a little surreal.

Appropriately, the video for the hytman-produced "Count On Me"—a standout track from that project that has Lucki talking about selling drugs in the same tone most people use to reassure their teacher they'll be turning their homework in on time—finds the rapper and his crew haunting the streets of Chicago's Wicker Park long after the businesses have closed for the night, nodding and bopping (the dance) to the music. Directed by JKrown, it offers the perfect woozy, unsettled vibe to match the song.

Lucki says you can count on him, and he's 100 percent right. Check out the video for "Count On Me" above.

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