Chicago rapper Lucki Eck$ has staked out his stylistic turf making what he calls "alternative trap," and his attention-grabbing mixtape of that name, released earlier this year, gave a sense of what that might mean. Full of dense, meandering lyricism over laid-back beats, Lucki's raps sound unconcerned even when touching on gritty subject matter.

The video for "Love It," a standout from Alternative Trap, offers a similar riff on convention. Directed by the song's producer, Plu2o Nash, the video shows the type of shots familiar to fans of Chicago rap—crews in alleyways and dark silhouettes in front of the skyline—but the pacing is slowed down, and the video opens on a field of flowers. It's a slightly different take on the subject matter, which is exactly what "Love It" is all about: the "tug of war with my safety."

Check out the video above.

[via FakeShoreDrive]

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