So much has been made about what's going on with moombahton in recent months.  Who's not doing this.  Why isn't this happening.  When are the big names going to make 110BPM tunes again.  And I know I'm somewhat guilty of playing into these discussions because I honestly love the music so much.  However, there's really nowhere near enough talk about the newer kids on the block and the music they are constantly cranking out, basically keeping the whole scene alive.  One of these new kids is Kapo out of New York. Toss in this third volume of his Viva La Moombah series as his latest contribution to the game.  It's also his first set featuring collaborations.  While the whole collection is super ill, the collabs with Chooky and De Oro are pretty much mindblowing.  These two tunes totally sound like the future and I couldn't be happier about it.