Jay Z has always put on for New York City. As he said himself, "I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can." Well, it's good to know that the city returns the favor for Jay. According to year-end statistics provided by Spotify, New York City listens to Jay 88% more than the rest of the world. That said, Jay is apparently not New York City's most followed artist; that honor belongs to Fun.

There were 1 billion playlists created this year on Spotify, with the largest playlist library clocking in at 90,000 playlists. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have dominated Spotify. In 2013, the duo were the most popular male artists, while "Can't Hold Us" was the most popular song and The Heist was the most popular album. "Thrift Shop" is the most-streamed song of the last five years with over 150 million plays.

[via Spotify]

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