As we all know, Headhunterz is a household name in hardstyle, probably one of the only known to those outside the niche world that makes up the electronic genre that kicks out quick repetitive beats that bang out for an eternity. His recent release with Krewella ("United Kids of the World") crossed hardstyle with big room, and attached two of the most famous voices in electronic music. "United Kids of the World" was a huge release, with a message attached that broke down the barriers of genre that may have previously restricted artists.

Krewella remixes are certainly nothing new, but as remixes go, each one has the added flavor of the artist who remixes their tracks. Oftentimes the powerful vocals of Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, such powerful voices, are put behind instrumentals crafted by any number or variation of electronic artists. Most of the time there is no better or worse with any remix, just different. Recently, Candian duo Project 46 gives us their take on the anthem by Headhunterz and Krewella, essentially taking Headhunterz out of the equation. He wrote the original instrumental melody, yes, but here is nothing hardstyle about this remix. It is progressive house, more Project 46 style. Not as much hard as it is gradual, an anthem of a different kind. Though still intense, this track builds and explodes a few times over. The delivery of the same message, just with a different methodology.

Get out to the dance floor, put your fists in the air, and get ready to chant to this one.