Just a disclaimer: For those who do not know me outside of Jeremy on DAD, I DJ and produce under the name of Sinistarr. Whenever I get the opportunity to travel to cities I’m not familiar with, I try to spend some time there and see what makes up the scene – the people, the culture, the food, and most importantly the music.

In 2012, I got booked to play a show in Honolulu and in March of 2013 I returned to for an eight-day trip. After I returned home from the latter trip, I decided (as the curious explorer that I am) to dig in a little deeper and see what really lies beneath Hawaii outside of those age-old perceptions of grass skirts, mai tais, and surfboards.

Think of this as a directory of sorts when you decide to make a trip out to Hawaii – these are the promoters, DJs, and producers who spent countless hours in front of and behind the scenes to get some very massive names out to the aina and most of all, represent for the Aloha State.