Deep house is a term not only reserved for a type of music. Internet trolls got hold of the term, clouding one of the only clear definitions left in the discussion of genre and electronic music. It was just their intention to do so, and I have seen the Twitter rave fam throwing it around, so proud of its use that a faint snicker echoes each time it is used incorrectly. Such is the world of electronic music, where no term or genre is safe from invasion. Deep house as a genre will probably remain intact, as it is one of the easier to identify. House music normally involves a quick kick with a clap or two setting a pretty steady rhythm.

Trolls that use it to describe their afternoon nap or the book they are currently reading, but there is no true way to define deep house other than regarding the genre of music that most often pumps for hours in the basement of a London house party. White floors and ceilings, walls too, everything cold cement. The lights are all of and just one strobe light beams. Zis is very deep haus, ya?

We can go deeper.

"Ready For Your Love" are the words every female wants to hear, but she must be dreaming if she's being serenaded by the deep voice of MNEK. The instrumentals are deep house fashion, while the vocal track adds an intense melody that goes deep as fuck with feels. The audio has caught the attention of Zane Lowe making his "Hottest Record in the World," and UK radio has the house duo ready for more than love, as the track is part of a monster release not even slated until spring.

Not so deep house, but this video surely is, as the presence of the singer, British but of Nigerian descent, as unforgettable as his bellowing voice. The video opens with him standing against a bed of happy white flowers, and that voice is strong enough to whisk my skinny ass away into a daydream, where I live out all the best parts of falling in love. The video carries us through the heavy minds of a few individuals, their pensive faces, as the music builds and they all meet in that cement basement, throwing their arms to the ceiling and embracing love. The music, the people, the feels.

So fucking deep house.