Dmac releases the music video for his latest single "Panoramic." It features fellow Bay Area rappers Show Banga and Sage The Gemini, who delivers the songs' infectious hook. Dmac and Gemini have been close associates for a while now through music as well as other endeavors. Dmac was behind the unique choreography for Sage's popular music videos "Gas Pedal" and "Red Nose." He brings that lively energy to "Panoramic" as well while also giving viewers a taste of his own lyrical prowess. The video is directed by Suj The Director and features a party vibe that's in tune with the playful record. 

Dmac's "Panaromic" is available on Yike 4 Life, a compilation that also includes music from D-Lo, Smoovie Baby, 99 Percent, and more.

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