To say that Disclosure had a massive impact in the electronic music world in 2013 would be a most severe understatement, but I didn't necessarily come here to discuss Disclosure. Only to say that it is with style and grace that they appear so frequently in the headlines here at DAD, and throughout the music industry. Their sound is so clean, so shaped, and so distinct.  Their album Settle is so unlike anything else that has been released in 2013, so there really isn't a question as to why the group has been heavily remixed. So much so, that this week they released a special edition of Settle, chock full of remixes. DAD has kept you informed on this sibling duo from the gate, and rehashing old info is not our style. So I will get straight to the point.

I wouldn't bring you this latest edit of, "Latch," if I didn't think that it was total next level shit. Ironically enough, achieved by putting Disclosure where most all other electronic music has gone this past year: the trap. I know what you're thinking, but this is mashed with a classic hip hop track that pays homage to some fallen homies, in turn giving the phenomenal track from Disclosure its due respect. Proper Villians is the mastermind behind this concept, which believe it or not isn't even the nuttiest of his recent projects. In this edit, the NYC bass music guru mashes the classic track by legendary duo Gangstarr, "Full Clip" with the Disclosure single, "Latch." As I write this, my eyes widen in shock that something could sound so simple. The two tracks separately have warranted their own acclaim, but like so many other things in this electronic era of the music industry, and I guess elsewhere in the world, it is the unlikeliest of pairings that ends up forming the most sacred of bonds.

My heart dropped the first time I heard Guru shoutout to Big L on this mashup. I know I wasn't the only one who shouted right back at Guru as the soft vocals from "Latch" helped raise my spirits, and within the first few seconds of this track, I could see it was more than just a simple mashup. I could feel its impact from the beating of my heart. I just thought of what it is like, this edit. It is like that flower in the barrel of the gun. You know the one, the chinese soldier at Tiananmen Square. Oh those feels.

Guru. Big L. Rest In Peace. Today it seems appropriate to also give a HUGE shout out to Paul from BP. And to producers across the board, DJ Premier and Disclosure. And to Proper Villians, keep doing the damn thing. Please, and thank you.