NYC by way of Ohio producer Self Help has been on a nice steady come up in 2013 and today he premieres his new weirdo tropical house gem of a tune with us at DAD. Seriously though, I don't think anyone knows how hard it really is to carve out your own unique sound.  Obviously you have to push yourself and listen to tons of music (your's and other people's) so much just to even understand how things are different, let alone the actual investing of hours and hours of your time in the lab to smooth out the edges that make whatever it is you make stand out from everyone else.  Self Help is definitely someone who's been able to solidify his sound in 2013, and this new joint "Perplexicon" is only going to add to that growing story.  Just like a lot of the recent tunes he's released, this is deep and heady just as much as it playful and energetic.  It's quirky and fun and not overly full of itself...but still incredibly well done.  There's a mastering of balance going on here and I really like it.