We hate getting caught up in the whole "oh an artist took a picture with another artist in the studio" side of things, because there can be such a span between the picture and when you even get a track title, let alone some kind of audio. But with the way RiFF RAFF has been moving, from having his forthcoming album NEON iCON dropping on Mad Decent to that firey track he did with Muy Loco Sin Miedo, it's hard to not get excited. And when we see pictures like the one post above, we know something is special. Alongside RiFF are two Houston rap legends: Paul Wall and OG Ron C. Standing next to them with his arm in a sling? Flux Pavilion. Included in the tweet is another Houston rap lord, Slim Thug. Now if we're in a real situation where Flux Pavilion made a record that has RiFF RAFF, Paul Wall, and Slim Thug on it at the #samedamntime?! 2014 is going to be a problem. Maybe this is for the album?! Who knows. All speculation. But don't sleep on this news.

NEW SONG ON THE WAY @PaulWallBaby @OGRONC @FluxPavilion @SlimThugga & JoDY HiGHROLLER pic.twitter.com/RfbAJM16eT

— RiFF RaFF (@JODYHiGHROLLER) November 19, 2013